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This adapter will allow graphics cards to fit into a standard 5.25" computer bay.  These  are the bays that are usually used for CD/DVD-ROM drives, The graphics card fits into the clamping two piece adapter, which then can be mounted in a 5.25" bay.  Installing the card into the adapter only takes seconds.  For longer cards the adapter possibly can be  modified to work (See compatibility below).  The adapter's dimensions are:   7 .5" (l) x 5 3/4" (w)  x 5/8" (h)

In most configurations, the adapter will require two bays due to the riser, which provides airflow



  • Two Piece Tool-Less Adapter Bracket
  • Mounting Screws  x 4

Product Appearance Varies per Bracket

  • Brackets are not factory made and appearance quality can vary at this time
  • Appearance includes imperfections  which does not affect usability
  • Brackets are checked for structural integrity before shipping



  • Known Compatible Cards:
    • MSI Aero ITX cards
    • Gigabyte Mini such as the GV-N1070IXOC-8GD
    • EVGA Single Fan Cards
    • Most other cards  8" or less  in length (many GTX 1050's, RX 560's, etc)
    • Blower style longer cards - will be awkward looking, but works - make sure your case has enough room
    • Possibly other cards if fan does not hit cross brace
    • Cutting the top bar will allow other cards to work most of the time, but system will need to remain upright.


  • "Other Cards"


  • Not all cards are compatible. Sometimes shrouds are just too big, or card may just be too tall or long
  • If shroud or fans exceed the dual slot  width (sticks out further than bracket), the adapter most likely will not work
  • Can it work with long, double-triple fan  cards? Possibly, but it wasn't designed for it.  You can  cut the cross bar out, if necessary, to prevent it from hitting a fan, but system will then need to remain vertical - as cards will sag or tilt if you turn your computer upside down or on it's side.  You will also need a larger case that can allow for 10"+ from front  of case to motherboard




  • Front grill/panel may be difficult to re-install if adapter is unable to push back into the computer far enough
  • When using  most risers, the bracket and card  will require 2 bays.  For example, if you have 6 open 5.25" bays in your computer, you most likely can install 3 GPUBay adapters


  • Take into consideration the distance from motherboard to front of case when considering compatibility 

GPUbay Adapter Bracket [Red]

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