GPUBay Brackets

The GPUBay adapter bracket will allow video or PC cards to be adapted for use in a 5.25 computer bay as long as they are 8" or less in length.  This allows for increased  space utilization and computing resources. Different colored adapters are all the same, the only difference being the color of the adapter. 

The instructions are simple :

1) Install a riser card on your GPU or other PCIE card

2) Install card with riser into the adapter bracket

3) Mount the bracket in your computer

4) Screw the adapter into your case

Brackets are manufactured and sold by  Brackets have been tested in extreme heat situations for extended periods without warping or melting.  Longer cards may be possible but the biggest factor is the distance from your motherboard to the front grill of your case, and longer cards may need adapter modification to avoid fan interference. 

Patent Pending

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